CycloTourisme Shimanami

Take a leisurely island-hopping bicycle tour

The true charm of the Shimanami Kaido lies hidden in the artistic scenery weaving among the many islands and bridges. People can connect with others and with nature while enjoying the Shimanami daily life where time passes gently by.

We suggest you take part in the bicycle trip, “Cyclo Tourisme Shimanami,” that allows you to jump into the day-to-day life of Shimanami citizens and learn while enjoying the tour. Our concept is “Island Time Pottering.” On our guided tour, you can comfortably enjoy the secluded private spots and the charming back alleys of the islands. We welcome beginners to participate with us.

Let’s go for a Shimanami Kaido treasure hunt together!

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What is CycloTourisme Shimanami?

The Shimanami Kaido, the cycling road linking the islands of the Seto Inland mous for its scenic beauty. “CycloTourisme Shimanami” is a private nonprofit organization with a goal of sustained community improvement through the spread of “Cyclotourisme,” a style of trip in which you can enjoy the Shimanami Kaido with all five senses.

We develop activities in the main fields of Imabari, Ehime and on parts of the Kamijima that encourage people to celebrate “scenery art” by bicycle and to celebrate the local lifestyles present there. We encourage a new sense of values that protect local nature, histories and traditions and promote sustainable local living.

location map of the shimanami kaido and Imabari city

The cycling guide staff members of CycloTourisme Shimanami, who are Shimanami Kaido experts, manage cycling tour event. We welcome requests from participants at any time.

The aim is to improve the environment and services of the Shimanami Kaido cycling route. Specifically, we manage the newly established “cycle oasis” rest areas, coordinate trouble response services, and we have proposed a new “cycle train” service.

CycloTourisme Shimanami manage the guesthouses “CYCLONOIE” and “Cyclo cafe & book Hostel NAMITO MINATO” where cyclists from around the world can gather and exchange information.

CycloTourisme Shimanami

Address: 8-1-55, Bekku-cho, Imabari-city, Ehime-prefecture, Japan Google Map >
Tel: +81-898-33-0069
Representative Director: Yuko YOSHITAKE (YAMAMOTO)

Guided Cycling Tour

We really welcome you to take part in our tour. On the tour, everyone, regardless of their ability or physical strength levels, can experience the charm of Shimanami Kaido’s secrets. Cyclo Tourisme Shimanami coordinates a bicycle trip that will bring happiness to your mind and body. At the moment we only offer the following two plans.

Tour of the Shimanami kaido cycling

Our policy
We cover information about bicycles as well as information about all of the islands. Sometimes, accidents or injuries may still occur. So we strongly recommend wearing a helmet to prevent risks while cycling. We also ensure that bicycles are well maintained before you depart for a cycling trip to prevent flat tires or other minor problems. If you have any trouble, we have a system in place to provide support to you on site. Our motto is to communicate with a smile as well as to provide safety and comfort for customers.

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Shimanami Guesthouse CYCLONOIE

The guesthouse ‘CYCLONOIE” is located in front of JR Imabari Station. The Hostel has dormitory rooms, private rooms, community spaces, shower rooms, and bicycle parking. Since 2014, we have been a center for travelers from all over the world who come to Imabari and Shimanami Kaido to enjoy cycling.


In addition, we opened Cyclo cafe & book Hostel NAMITO MINATO, our second guest house, in Namikata port close to the entrance of Shimanami Kaido in 2018.





We publish maps and guidebooks which are useful for cycling the Shimanami Kaido (at present, only Japanese is available). The information in these materials has been compiled by local guides who have cycled and collected data all over the islands. Our cycling tour plans are created based on this information and our connections with local islanders.

cycling guide book and map of the Shimanami kaido
Shimanami Kaido cycling map: Shimanami TOSO MAP
Shimanami Kaido cycling map: Shimanami TOSO MAP: Oshima island

The cycling map, “Shimanami Toso Map” is exclusively for cyclists who want to cycle the Shimanami Kaido. This is published by CycloTourisme Shimanami, which is based in Imabari City and works on regional development and cycle tourism. This is sold in a set of seven maps ─ Oshima Island, Hakatajima Island, Omishima Island, Kamijima Town, Ikuchijima Island, Innoshima Island&Mukaishima Island and Imabari City.

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We give advice to companies, public administrations and others about promoting regional cycling activities. A reservation is required.

1. Details about scheduling
We would appreciate the details of your schedule when you make a reservation with us. When you make a reservation, please let us know what you want to discuss with us. In some cases, we will ask you to send documents regarding the subject before meeting.

2. Inspection and consultation charges
The following are the predetermined charges for inspection and consultation:
※ Per person: 5,000 yen (tax-included)
※ Four people or more: one-time fee of 20,000 yen (tax included
※ Consultation meetings are scheduled for approximately one hour.

3. Guided Tour
Anybody who would like to have the experience of a guided tour on the Shimanami Kaido, please feel free to get in touch with us.
Please click here for more details about the guided tour and charges.

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Chronological table of CycloTourisme Shimanami

CycloTourisme Shimanami is the non-profit organization aiming to create a sustainable community through the spread and proposal of bicycle travel. Here, the chronology of the history since the opening of the Shimanami Kaido and the record of cyclotourism Shimanami’s community improvement activities.

yearMain activities and award history of
CycloTourime Shimanami
History of Shimanami Kaido
Main measures by basic local governments
The Shimanami Kaido expressway opened
・The Kurushima-Kaikyo Ohashi Bridge opened.
・Recorded 60,000 rental bicycles / year during the opening rush.
Selected as a model area for the “Cycle Tour Promotion Project”
(MLIT subsidy project)
・Promote sightseeing measures through cooperation between bicycle paths and tourism resources.
Hakatajima Island Bicycle Model Course Project
(Ehime prefecture-commissioned project)  
・Create a bicycle model course that connects local resources with community participation.
・Develop signage plans for information signs, guidance signs, rest areas, etc.
※Three-year project starts from Hakatajima Island
・Bicycle rentals to 29,000 units / year, the lowest
Omishima Island Bicycle Model Course Project
(Ehime prefecture-commissioned project)
Oshima Island Bicycle Model Course Project
(Ehime prefecture-commissioned project)

Shimanami Kaido Tourism Resource Utilization Project
・Market analysis to test the possibility of bicycle travel.
“Shimanami Slow Cycling Council” established
・Construction of a network of cooperation that crosses multiple islands: Beginning of local community-based bicycle promotion activities.
●”CycloTourisme Shimanami” established

●Proposal and realization of “Cycle Train Shimanami-go”
・Shimanami Kaido 10th Anniversary Commemorative Project: Since then, it has been operating every year.

●1st edition of the cycling map “Shimanami Toso MAP (Ehime 3 islands + Kamijima town)” was published
・Compiled and distributed as a regional information tool for preparing bicycle trips.
Shimanami Kaido 10th Anniversary Commemorative Project

Formulated a basic plan to regenerate the city center of Imabari

“Cycle Train Shimanami-go” started operation
Operated as temporary trains.
●Proposal and realization of “Deregulation on tandem bicycle driving on general roads”
・Initiatives using a system to ease regulations set by the prefecture.

●”Blind cycling” was held
(Imabari East Lions Club co-sponsored project)
・It was held in response to the deregulation of tandem bicycle riding in Ehime Prefecture.

●”1st Tandem Bicycle Festival” was held
・Following deregulation in Ehime Prefecture and Hiroshima Prefecture, a cycling tour event was held for tandem bicycle enthusiasts and visually impaired people from all over Japan ⇒ Since then, continued with independent business every year
Formulated the Imabari City Central Urban Regeneration Basic Plan

・Selected as No. 1 recommended cycling course by The Nikkei (Newspaper company) .

・Blue line distance marking started on the Hiroshima side of Shimanami Kaido.
●”Shimanami Cycle Oasis” project started
(Ehime prefecture-commissioned project)
・Citizens volunteer to provide a space for cyclists to rest. Started at 20 locations in Ehime Prefecture. (Participation is increasing every year. Expanded to Hiroshima Prefecture.)

●Imabari city center city regeneration council “Cycle Section” started

●Implementation of “Bicycle road maintenance promotion project”
(Cycle Section Project)
・Verification and road inspection of bicycle running space in Imabari city. Proposal of road icon.

●Construction of “Smart Rider Training Project: Bicycle safe driving declaration”
(Cycle Section Project)
・Conducted environmental improvement activities for bicycles with local high school students.

●2nd edition of the cycling map “Shimanami Toso MAP (Ehime 3 islands + Kamijima town)” published
・Compiled and distributed as a regional information tool for preparing bicycle trips.
“Imabari city center city regeneration council” established
・”Cycle Section” was established as one of the promotion subcommittees.

・Blue line distance marking started on the Ehime side of Shimanami Kaido.
●”Shimanami Toso Rescue” project started
(Ehime Prefecture)
・Volunteer system for bicycle troubles by residents. Expanded to Hiroshima Prefecture.

●”Cycle stand design contest” was held
(Cycle Section project)
・Cycle stand design competition as a migration promotion tool. Commercialized and installed the cycle stands for the top prize works.

●Smart Rider Training Project “ON Helmet Idea Contest” was held
(Cycle Section project)
・Approach from the design side to improve the helmet wearing rate.

●Smart Rider Training Project “Smart Ride” was held
(Cycle Section project)
・Enlightenment event: KEEP LEFT / ON Helmet ⇒ Since then, continued as a voluntary business once a year.

●”Jitensya Hiroba” opened
(Cycle Section project)
・A challenge program that transforms public spaces into bicycle playgrounds ⇒ Since then, it has been voluntarily held as a lively creation program for various public spaces

●”1st Shimanami Running Bike Championship” was held
・Running bike event for children aged 2-5.
・Held in collaboration with three “NPOs, governments and companies” aiming for a three-generation exchange event suitable for a bicycle advanced city. ⇒ Since then, continued as the independent business business once a year

●”Cycle boat Shimanami-go” operation commenced as social experiment
(Ehime prefecture-commissioned project)
・Verification of the use of ships as secondary transportation for bicycle trips in the Seto inland sea area.

●Baggage transportation “Nimotsu Rakuraku-bin” started as a social experiment
(Ehime prefecture-commissioned project)
・Verification of commercialization of a service that supports easy Shimanami Kaido cycling.
Formulation of the Whole Ehime Bicycle Path Concept

・Blue line distance marking started on the Ehime prefecture side of Shimanami Kaido.

・”Ehime Police Bicycle Unit” formed.

・Helmet wearing rate increased to 60% in Ehime prefecture.

・”Japan-Taiwan Exchange Setouchi Shimanami Kaido Cycling” was held.
●”Shimanami Jitensyatabi-no-yado” project started
(Ehime prefecture-commissioned project)
・Developing infrastructure and disseminating information to encourage bicycle travelers to stay. Expanded to Hiroshima Prefecture.

●1st edition of the guidebook “Shimanami Toso BOOK” published
・Compiled as a guidance book to help prepare for a bicycle trip.
※Start of publishing business.

●”Shimanami Cycle Oasis” expanded into urban areas
(Cycle Section project)
・A break space was set up along the route from the Shimanami Kaido islands to the city center of Imabari city.

●Expressway Exchange Promotion Foundation
The 7th Tourism Resource Utilization Total Plan: Excellence Award

・Recognized for projects that link tourism resources, improve local attractions, and increase the number of tourists.
“Shimanami International Cycling Event” (pre-event) was held

Ordinance on promotion of safe use of bicycles enforced (Ehime Prefecture)

JR Yodo Line “Cycle Train Nyanyo-go” started operation
Addition of dedicated vehicles to regular trains. Experiment with bicycle loading on general trains as well.
●Acquisition of regional limited travel business

●”Hamakaze Cycle Oasis” project started
・Rest space “Cycle Oasis” are set up on the route connecting Shimanami Kaido and Matsuyama city / Dogo-onsen area. ⇒ Expansion of cycle oasis system to other areas in Ehime Prefecture.

●”Guesthouse CYCLONOIE”, the cycle oasis comprehensive base opened
・Opened in front of JR Imabari Station with a focus on tourist interaction and gateway functions.
※Accommodation business started.

●”Namikata Sea Exchange Center”, the cycle oasis comprehensive base opened
・Relay point function between Shimanami Kaido and Matsuyama city / Dogo-onsen area. Utilization of dormant facilities owned by Imabari City.

●”Cyclo Cafe” opened
・On the 1F of Namikata Sea Exchange Center. Aiming to enhance the functions of interchange facilities centering on bicycles.

●1st edition of the cycling map “Shimanami Toso MAP ” published
・Cycling map of Shimanami Kaido (Imabari city – Onomichi city).
・Acquired ISBN and started sales. To create a series of “Setouchi Cycling Map” as a book to support bicycle travel.

●1st edition of the cycling map “Tobishima Toso MAP” published
・Cycling map of Tobishima Kaido (Kure city – Imabari city).
・Published as the second installment of the Setouchi Cycling Map series.

●JTB Exchange Culture Award: Excellence Award
・The activities that contribute to the creation of sustainable exchanges, the creation of attractiveness in each region, and the revitalization of the region were evaluated.

●MLIT Handmade Local Award
・High-quality social capital that created the appeal and individuality of the region and the excellent local activities related to it were recognized.
“Setouchi Shimanowa 2014” was held

“Shimanami International Cycling Event” was held

Selected as the one of 7 best bike routes in the world
・Shimanami Kaido has been selected as one of the world’s finest cycling roads by CNN’s travel information website. 

“Shimanami Cycle Train Promotion Council” established
・Expansion of cycle train operation frequency and operation section.
・JR Yodo Line cycle train renamed to “Cycle train Shimanto-go”.

“Shimanami Kaido bicycle toll free” social experiment started
⇒Since then, the implementation period of the free measure has been extended every year.

Imabari cycling support project “Cycle Saver” started

・Sun Moon Lake cycling road, Taiwan and Shimanami Kaido sign sister bike path agreement. (cyclist’s sacred place monument was erected)

・”Shimanami Cycle Express”, cycle bus between Imabari and Onomichi started operation/
●”Imabari Machinaka Immigration Exchange Promotion Project” started
・Proposal of work style and living style in advanced bicycle city.

●”1st Cyclo Women’s Bike Tour” was held
(Ehime prefecture-commissioned project)
・Shimanami cycling tour model creation and implementation project. ⇒ Since then, it has continued twice a year as the independent business.

●”1st Shimanami Running Bike Championship in Rainbow Highland” was held
・This spring competition was held as a commissioned project of the Matsuyama City Culture and Sports Promotion Foundation. ⇒ Since then, held once a year.

●Completed installation of all 6 Shimanami original stands “6 Cyclo Tourists”
(Imabari City Central City Restoration Project)
・Encourage local excursions, strengthen the gateway function of advanced bicycle cities, and promote the potential creation business.

●Iyo Bank Business Plan Contest 2014: Excellence Award
・The baggage transport experiment on the Shimanami Kaido, the idea of the “Nimotsu Rakuraku-bin” project, was evaluated as contributing to solving regional issues and promoting tourism.
The number of rental bicycles increased to 140,000 a year
・480% increase over the last 10 years.

Estimated bicycle traffic along the Shimanami Kaido increased by 150,000 from 2012 to 320,000 (average 892 per day).

Ehime Prefecture obligates high school students to wear helmets when riding bicycles
・Helmets were distributed free of charge to Ehime Prefectural High Schools.

“Ehime Cycling Day” enacted

Ehime Prefecture “Bicycle New Culture Promotion Office” established

Ehime Prefecture Cycling Guide Training Promotion Council
・”Cycling instructor training project” started

Onomichi cycling support project “Cycle Saver” started

・Same-day baggage delivery “Shimanami Kaido empty-handed cycling service” started by Sagawa Express Co., Ltd
●”Shimanami Outdoor Fitness -Let’s get healthy by riding a bicycle-” monitoring project started
(Sumisei Community Sports Promotion Subsidy Program)
・Through the development and implementation of health promotion programs for residents, develop a continuous bicycle life and create support bases. ⇒ Since then, continued project for 4 years

●Eastern / central area of Ehime Prefecture “Cycle Oasis” project started
(Ehime prefecture-commissioned project)
・Over the course of three years, expanded throughout the prefecture. Completed installation of 362 cycle oasises.

●1st edition of the cycling map “Sazanami Toso MAP” published
・Cycling map of Sazanami Kaido (Kure city – Onomichi city).
・Published as the third installment of the Setouchi Cycling Map series.
“Cycling Shimanami 2016” was held

Ehime Prefectural “Bicycle New Culture Promotion Association” established

・”Shikoku Around Cycling Information Dissemination Project” started.

・Ehime Prefecture started a road shoulder width expansion project.
●Shimanami Farm Stay Project
(Agricultural and fishing village promotion grant business 2017)
・Discover the charms of nature, culture, tradition, and food, and work on commercialization as an activity unique to Shimanami Kaido.

●1st edition of the cycling map “Takanawa Toso MAP” published
・Cycling map of Takanawa Peninsula area (Matsuyama city – Imabari city).
・Published as the second installment of the Setouchi Cycling Map series.

●2nd edition of the cycling map “Shimanami Toso MAP ” published
・Additional 3000 publications and sales of 6000 have been achieved.

●”1st Shimanami Camp Ride” was held
・Shimanami cycling tour model creation and implementation ⇒ Held once a year
“Shimanami Japan”, a general incorporated association established

“Cycling Island Shikoku Promotion Council” established

“Bicycle commuting promotion office” and “Bicycle commuter support team” system established

Cycle train Shimanami-go” started operation between Imabari Station and Iyo Saijo Station

・Conclusion of exchange agreement around Taiwan and around Shikoku

・Ehime Prefecture, formed a female cycle unit “Notteru! Girls EHIME”
●”Cyclo café & book Hostel NAMITO MINATO” opened
・Opened in the Namikata Sea Exchange Center, aiming at exchange and gateway functions. ※Operation of the second accommodation facility started.

●”Imabari Rintaku” bicycle taxi operation experiment started
(New Year donation distribution application project 2018)
・Guide training and tour product development. Creating a circuit for a migratory traffic network.

●Bicycle commuting workshop was held
(Ehime prefecture-commissioned project)
・Aim to shift to an eco-friendly lifestyle using bicycles.

●Creating a bicycle eco-tour program based on abandoned cultivated land
・ Abandoned cultivated land was developed as a “cyclo farm” as an eco-tour base.

●The guidebook “Shimanami Toso BOOK ver 4 ” published
・Additional 4000 publications and sales of 18,000 have been achieved.
“Cycling Shimanami 2018” was held

“Shikoku Around Hospitality Supporter System” established

・Ehime Prefecture’s “Bicycle New Culture Promotion Section” upgraded.

・”Ehime Commuting Promotion Company Support Seminar / Workshop” was held.

・”Cycle Ship Lazuri” was in service.

・Cycle train Shimanami-go was changed to the method of adding a special vehicle to regular trains.
●”Shimanami Toso Map series” English localization business
・ Promoted support for inbound travelers on the paper-based map “Toso Map”.

●2nd edition of the cycling map “Tobishima Toso MAP “in both Japanese and English published

●The cycling map “Ishizuchi Toso MAP ” published
・Cycling map of the Hiuchinada and Ishizuchi areas (Imabari City to Kanonji City, Kagawa Prefecture).
・Published as the 5th installment of the Setouchi Cycling Map series.

●Cycle tourism creation business utilizing the blessings of Satoyama
(Ehime Prefecture Tourism Attraction Improvement Support Project)
・Creation of cycle tourism that contributes to the conservation of satoyama and the maintenance of the community.

● Received “10th Regional Revitalization Award” for Excellence
・ Evaluated as an organization that has contributed to tourism promotion, community development that is comfortable to live in, and community development in collaboration with various actors. Recommended by local newspapers and Kyodo News.
Shimanami Kaido 20th Anniversary Project
20 years since the opening of Shimanami Kaido on May 1, 2019

Designated as the “1st National Cycle Route” as a world-class cycling route (MLIT)
In addition, “Tsukuba Kasumigaura Rinrin Road” (Ibaraki Prefecture), “Biwaichi” (Shiga Prefecture).

・”E-BIKE Action Shimanami” started.
●”Sazanami / Takanawa / Ishizuchi Toso Map” published in English

●Shimanami Cycle Glamping Project
(Resource maintenance projects such as national parks)
・ Tourism creation that links interaction with the leaders of the farming, mountain and fishing village areas, stay-type content, and community conservation.
Established a system for renting touring bicycles with camping equipment.

●”Shimanami Jitensyatabi-no-yado” the website was renewed
(Setouchi Shimanami Kaido Revitalization Executive Committee)
・ Expanded listing of accommodation facilities to meet the needs of cyclists and launched an English website.

●Commercialization of bicycle taxi “Shimanami Rintaku”
・Seasonal operation with route map creation and cycling tours.

●Commercialization of “Cycling Eco Tour”
・Collaborate with farmers and processing manufacturers based on experimental farms. Deepen the local food through the harvest experience.
“Cycling Shimanami 2020”
Canceled due to pandemic of new coronavirus infection.

・”Imabari station cycling terminal” opened.

・Maintenance of arrow feather type road markings on roads in Imabari city area.
●Received “Bicycle Utilization Promotion Achievement Award 2021” (MLIT)
・Our activities have received remarkable achievements and evaluations regarding the promotion of the use of bicycles.

●The cycling map “Shimanami Toso Map” in English published

●Monitoring for commercialization of Shimanami Bicycle Camp
・Planned and implemented monitor tours of Shimanami Kaido Cycling Camp Touring 6 times a year for 2 nights and 3 days.
“2nd National Cycle Route” was designated

“Tokapuchi 400 (Hokkaido)” “Pacific coast bicycle road (Chiba , Kanagawa, Shizuoka, Aichi, Mie, Wakayama prefecture)” “Toyama bay coast cycling course (Toyama prefecture)”

● Mountains, villages, towns, and the sea connected by bicycle project (global environment fund subsidy) started
・Promotion of cycle tourism to experience the connection between nature and people.
・Production of guidance tools that lead to conservation of satoyama (secondary nature).

●Shimanami Workation Tourism (creation of signboard products)
・Creation of regional problem-solving tours on the Hamakaze Kaido
・Functional enhancement of “Cyclo café & book Hostel Namito Minato” (health care, medium- to long-term stay, etc.).

I●nvestigation project of “Cycle Oasis” in Imabari City and Kamijima Town
・About 100 oasis functions in Imabari City and Kamijima Town (website updated).
Cycle train mixed riding experiment started
Renamed “Ehime Shimanami Rinrin Train” to start operation as cycle trains that loads bicycles on ordinary trains in the section from Matsuyama Station – Imabari Station – Iyo Saijo Station without disassembling them. 

Kamijima Town “Iwaki Bridge” opened
“Yumeshima Kaido (prefectural road Iwaki Yuge Line)” opened

・Shimanami Kaido’s public bicycle rental business operator changed to (one company) Shimanami Japan.

・Bicycle road race “Imabari Criterium” (JBCF final race).
It was held for the first time in the urban area of Imabari.

“Cycling Shimanami 2022” held
Setouchi Shimanami Kaido International Cycling Festival